At Denstone College, we know that every pupil is unique. However, they have one thing in common: a drive for happiness, confidence and achievement. Every pupil will achieve this in a different way not least by taking part in a different combination of co-curricular activities that keep them active, inspire the mind and inspire creativity.

We want all our pupils to try new things and that could not be easier at Denstone. We love to offer infinite possibilities and our co-curricular programme is constructed with the aim of igniting passions and building confidence.

With over 100 activities on offer per week in an environment that can only inspire, the stage is set for pupils to discover hobbies, passions and interests for life. The timetable is arranged to ensure there is time for an extra-curricular session in the afternoon every day except Friday when the whole school meets for the main Chapel service of the week. The week is divided to allow days to focus on sports, music, drama or other activities.