As Head of The Prep, it is my genuine pleasure to extend the warmest of welcomes to the extended family of The Prep at Denstone. To give an honest and genuine assessment of the essence of The Prep at Denstone is simplicity itself and it is an honour and a privilege to lead such a wonderful school.

The school’s buildings, grounds, history, and the stunning surroundings of rural Staffordshire are comparable to any independent school setting in the country. Just as important is the ethos created by staff and pupils in our school community. It's the way we do things, it’s in our DNA.

The Prep School provides an environment in which every pupil has the opportunity to flourish and be successful in their time at the school. These opportunities can be realised in the classroom, the sporting arena, outdoors, and on the stage, to name but a few.

Students of all abilities and talents thrive at the school; we promote happiness, confidence and achievement alongside honesty, endeavour and kindness.

We constantly strive to ensure a happy and contented cohort of pupils who are challenged every day to learn and to achieve in every aspect of school life. This results in confident and resilient young pupils who are fully prepared to take the next step to join Denstone College.

Tracey Davies
Head of Prep