Please note that Mondays at the start of the Lent and Summer Terms will be inset days. Boarders will return on Monday evening, with day pupils returning on Tuesday Morning.

Michaelmas Term 2023
Term beginsSunday 3rd September 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 22nd September 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 24th September 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 6th October 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 8th October 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 20th October 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 5th November 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 24th November 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 26th November 9.00pm
Term endsFriday 15th December 4.30pm
Lent Term 2024
Term beginsMonday 8th January 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 26th January 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 28th January 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 16th February 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 25th February 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 8th March 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 10th March 9.00pm
Term endsFriday 22nd March 4.30pm
Summer Term 2024
Term beginsMonday 15th April 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 3rd May 4.30pm
Exeat endsMonday 6th May 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 24th May 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 2nd June 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 21st June 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 23rd June 9.00pm
Term endsSaturday 6th July 4.30pm
Michaelmas Term 2024
Term beginsSunday1st September 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 20th September 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 22nd September 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 4th October 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 6th October 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 18th October 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 2nd November 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 22nd November 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 24th November 9.00pm
Term endsFriday 13th December 4.30pm
Lent Term 2025
Term beginsMonday 6th January 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 24th January 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 26th January 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 14th February 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 23rd February 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 14th March 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 16th March 9.00pm
Term endsFriday 28th March 4.30pm


Summer Term 2025
Term beginsMonday 21st April 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 2nd May 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 4th May 9.00pm
Half Term beginsFriday 23rd May 4.30pm
Half Term endsSunday 1st  June 9.00pm
Exeat beginsFriday 20th  June 4.30pm
Exeat endsSunday 22nd June  9.00pm
Term endsSaturday 5th July  4.30pm