It is pupils who are the essence of the school and we consider it important that they are able to share their thoughts and views with staff. The relationships between staff and pupils at Denstone are such that pupils will share their views with staff in tutorials, house meetings or just when engaging in a general conversation in the boarding house.

From the structure of the house tutorial system, to the much more informal access to Medical Centre, Chaplain, Senior Mistress, Senior Master, Head of School/ Moss Moor or prefects, the framework of pastoral care ensures that at every step there are easy means of communication. Individual pupils can always find someone to discuss their questions or concerns.

In addition there are two councils which have been created to provide a forum for formal discussion for wider issues affecting the community.

The Student Council is well established. Each year it consists of three pupils from each of the six houses, the House Captains, a pupil from each of the Junior and Middle Schools, as well as the Captain of Moss Moor. There is always a good representation of both boarding and day pupils on the Student Council. It is a structured forum for discussion, and a means for pupils to raise issues and concerns on behalf of their peers, as well as a means to consult pupils regarding certain issues. The Student Council meets two or three times each term and the meetings are chaired by the Second Master and minuted by the Senior Mistress. The Catering Manager, Operations Bursar and Senior Master also attend the meetings. Minutes of the meeting are then circulated and discussed by the Senior Management Team (SMT) for action points. Feedback is given to pupils at the start of the next meeting by the Senior Mistress.

The Boarders’ Council follows a similar format, enabling boarders to raise issues with each other in a formal setting. This meeting is chaired and run by pupils rather than staff. It is chaired by the Captain of Moss Moor and a senior school prefect and consists of one boy and girl from each year in the school. The Boarders’ Council meets the evening prior to the Student Council and minutes are passed to the Senior Mistress who circulates the points raised for discussion at SMT meetings. Feedback is then given to the chairs who then report back at the start of their next meeting.