Scholarships and Exhibitions (minor scholarships) are awarded in recognition of outstanding ability in a number of areas: academic, art, drama, design and technology, music and sport. We value our scholars highly and support them through the Highly Able Pupils programme as well as though diverse and vibrant teaching.


The number of scholarships awarded in any one year will depend upon the number and quality of applicants. Potential students are invited to visit us, at an Open Morning or for a personal tour, and we hope they will then register.  Once registration is complete, we ask for a reference from a candidate’s current school. 

Assessment for Sixth Form Scholarship usually takes place in November before entry the following September, and dates are found on the website and in the Admissions Booklet you will receive upon enquiry to Denstone.

Scholarships and Exhibitions at Denstone are fiercely contested, and carry respective fee reductions of up to 20% and 10%.



A small number of bursaries are available each year to pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees. They can be any value; in exceptional circumstances, up to the full amount of the fee.  The demand for bursaries is often oversubscribed, in which case performance in the Entrance Examinations and Assessments will be a key factor in prioritising support.
For your son or daughter to be considered for a bursary, it will be necessary for you to complete a Financial Circumstances Form which is submitted, in confidence, to the Bursar to enable him to make a recommendation to the Headmaster.  This Form should be fully completed before the entrance examinations are taken. 

Bursaries are effectively funded by full fee paying parents and support is therefore based on an in-depth financial assessment taking into account all financial circumstances including capital assets and investments, and not just income and expenditure. Please be aware that second properties and high value capital assets are likely to be a bar to success in achieving a bursary, as are frequent holidays or expensive cars. A home visit may be undertaken and any bursary awarded will be reviewed annually and may change according to circumstances.    

For pupils already in school, whose family circumstances have unexpectedly and significantly changed for the worse, the application process is the same and is managed on a case by case basis. However, except in very exceptional circumstances, it is unusual for an award of this nature to be made within the first two years of a pupil’s career at Denstone as we assume that there are sufficient financial resources at the point of entry to cover this period.

There are a number of charitable organisations which exist to offer support in cases of financial difficulty, albeit that the current low interest rates limit their available resources and they often have quite tight criteria. Details are available at

Our Financial Circumstances Form may be downloaded below.  If your son or daughter is not yet in College, and you would like to discuss your situation or require further information, please contact Admissions. If you are already a parent of the College, please contact the Bursar directly.