The Development Office supports current and past students. Situated at the heart of College, in the Lodge, it exists as a life-long link to Denstone College and endeavours to stay regularly in touch with all its members. Both the Denstone Foundation and the Denstone Association are based in the Development Office. Led by Judy Teather, Development Director, and assisted by Charlotte Horan, the Alumni Co-ordinator, the office is constantly in search of innovative ideas to help both current and former pupils.

Managed by a Board of Trustees, the purpose of the Denstone Foundation is to support the development of Denstone College by providing an enduring endowment which will help meet the changing needs of independent education and assist in providing the necessary resources and facilities.

Our strategy is long term and aims to establish an ethos of regular giving to enable us to continue to provide the first class resources needed to underpin the education we provide for Denstonians. The nature of these resources has changed considerably and our current focus is on raising funds for Scholarships and Bursaries to ensure that many children, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, can benefit from the excellent education that Denstone provides.

However, we firmly believe that development and the Foundation are more than just a means of raising funds – they are for re-establishing past friendships and for renewing contacts with the College.

Having carried out comprehensive research amongst both Old Denstonians (ODs) and other schools, it was decided that another tier needed to be added to improve the communication and to help with our 'friendraising' – hence the launch of the Denstone Association.

The Association works hard to remain in regular contact with ODs from all around the world and it gives support to the members of the OD Club and to the various sporting and regional OD Clubs. It also works to the benefit of current pupils by connecting them with ODs for University and careers advice.

Using the large amount of information on the Association database, we are now able to organise several reunions each year and have recently launched annual networking events to help both ODs and current pupils which have been a great success.

ODs themselves can also register on the interactive website, by visiting the Denstone Association website in order to keep their contact details up to date, to help plan their own reunions, to get back in touch with contemporaries, to purchase memorabilia from the school shop and to offer assistance to current pupils. Contact Judy Teather, Development Director for further information.