Pupils have a very good moral understanding which is evidenced by their manners and lifestyle in the school.

ISI 2017/ 2018

The three school system remains at the heart of our approach to educating young people. It allows our three different age groups to live, work and socialise in their own unique areas, and whilst unusual in independent schools, ISI and Ofsted have described its pastoral benefits as “excellent” and ”outstanding” respectively. It is based on the fact that eighteen year olds and eleven year olds have very different needs. For boarders and day pupils this means that each school benefits from its own special style, atmosphere and facilities, always appropriate to the pupils’ ages and interests. This leads to higher standards of pastoral care, staff who are clearly focussed on the needs of each age group, and pupils who can spend more time with friends of their own age. The traditional house system runs happily alongside this structure and all its best features remain. House loyalty and spirit are as strong as ever in competitions, sport, music and drama.

This emphasis on pastoral care is underpinned by our Christian ethos as a Woodard School. Chapel is an important part of our weekly routine, for worship and as a meeting place for the whole school. Parents regularly join us for the main service of the week, and they always receive a warm welcome. We are fortunate to have a high percentage of staff living on site, which means that both boarding and day pupils are able to build strong relationships with their Tutor, Head of House, Head of School and the Chaplain. The Medical Centre is also staffed every day by fully qualified nurses with frequent doctor’s surgeries and a counsellor is available by appointment. For those living off site, there is a comprehensive network of buses serving the surrounding towns and villages. Whether returning to a boarding house or family home, pupils arrive back after busy days packed with lessons, activities, music and sport.

As one of the best independent schools in Staffordshire, we know that busy people need high energy levels. Using a wide selection of freshly prepared, locally sourced, home cooked produce, we are able to cater for all dietary requirements. Our menus are designed to encourage healthy eating and satisfy hungry appetites. To inject fun and interest into our menus, we offer themed dining evenings which give our students a taste of foods from different countries and cultures. Examples of our various menus can be seen below: