In Full Sail!

The annual visit of the Ashbourne Rotary Club is a chance for our musicians to show the range and versatility of their skills – and the audience was as warm and appreciative as ever.

In Full Sail

The Swing Band opened the concert with some exciting playing that had a “battleship in full sail” feeling about it. Amongst many others, they performed 'String of Pearls' by Jerry Gray (Glenn Miller Band) and 'El Manisero' by Moises Simons. The Jazz Ensemble (James Hopwood, John Kerfoot, Ed Vernon-Stroud, Harry Smith, Kirsty Edwards and Mr. Skipper) delighted the audience with works such as 'Unsquare Dance' by Dave Brubeck and 'I wish I knew what it was to be free' by Billy Taylor. By way of contrast, Elyse Mauger and Maddie Nicholson enchanted the visiting Rotarians with beautiful vocal solos.

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