In 2018, performance was strong across a diverse range of subject areas. Given the new linear A level exams, and a desire by government to make the process more academically rigorous, the results were good with 38% of all exams resulting in A* to A grades or equivalent and 88% A* to C. 

Pupils are increasingly successful in gaining first choice places on some excellent degree courses, with a good number leaving for Oxbridge, the Russell Group and the Times Top 20 universities each year. In today’s competitive climate, universities are seeking evidence of intellectual appetite as well as top grades in public examinations. At Denstone, we offer an excellent programme of extension and enrichment aimed at honing these super curricular-skills. Our all-round education caters for all abilities however and the College has an impressive track record for value – added performance at GCSE as measured by Yellis. This means that pupils have typically achieved close to a whole grade higher in all subjects compared to their Yellis target. The College also achieved an ‘Excellent’ rating for the quality of pupils' academic and other achievements (November 2017).

Further subject information can be found in the relevant school curriculum document. GCSE and A level results can be found using the links below:


Current examination boards followed by each subject for GCSE and A level at Denstone are as follows:

  GCSE GCE A level
Biology AQA AQA
Business Edexcel AQA
Chemistry AQA OCR
Computer Science AQA N/A
Design & Technology (DT) AQA AQA
Drama / Theatre Studies AQA AQA
Economics N/A AQA
English Language CIE N/A
English Literature CIE Edexcel
Extended Project (EPQ) N/A AQA (AS only)
French AQA AQA
Geography AQA Edexcel
Government & Politics N/A Edexcel
History Edexcel OCR
ICT N/A OCR (Cambridge Technical)
Maths / Further Maths Edexcel Edexcel
Music Edexcel Edexcel
Physical Education (PE) OCR OCR BTEC (Sport)
Physics AQA AQA
Psychology N/A OCR
Religious Studies / Philosophy & Ethics OCR OCR
Spanish AQA AQA