The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is offered to all pupils, starting in the Third Form with the Bronze Award leading up to the Gold Award in the Lower Sixth Form.

At the Bronze Award level the participants are required to commit to six months’ volunteering, a physical activity and a skill. They are also required to undertake a further three months in one of these activities. In addition they will plan, train and complete a two day, one night expedition in the nearby Peak District.

The Silver Award is offered to the Fourth Form. Participants are also required to commit to six months’ volunteering, physical and skills sections of the award with a three day, two night expedition for which they have planned and trained.

The Fifth Form are given a year off to study for GCSE’s and if needed, to finish off their Silver Award The prestigious Gold Award begins in the Sixth Form, where the commitment is twelve months and a four day, three night expedition in wild country. This would normally be in Snowdonia or North Yorkshire. Along with the three sections covered by the Bronze and Silver Awards, Gold Award candidates have to complete a five day, four nights residential camp.

A direct entrant for either the Silver or Gold award will need to do an additional six months in one of the sections to complete their award.