Design and Technology Scholarships are more commonly given to pupils joining us into the Third and Sixth Forms, although outstanding candidates for First Form entry will be considered.

The process will include an interview with the Head of the Department who will ask pupils to bring along a specially prepared project or their school coursework, as well as any work they have produced in their own time. We ask to see an A3 or A4 portfolio demonstrating ability: planning research, first ideas, development of work, formal drawing skills, planning for making, and evaluation of practical work. A high standard of practical work is expected and candidates should consider relevant detailing as well as finishing of their work. The scholarship interview usually consists of the candidate presenting their work to the Head of Department who will want to discuss it and give critical appraisal of the projects. Candidates may be asked to undertake a small product evaluation exercise on the day of interview. This will involve studying a given object, producing annotated sketches of the object to explain its function as well as producing sketches of possible improvements which could be made to enhance the object’s looks as well as function.