The study of Design and Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop problem solving skills through project work. Students are encouraged to think laterally, and develop their own particular creativity and expertise in design.

The department currently has three members of staff and a technician. It is housed in a modern and well-equipped building with an excellent range of facilities for working with all manner of resistant materials. The department combines traditional techniques with CNC based work, seeing both as equally important in today’s market.

Students regularly achieve Arkwright Scholarships and have also been very successful in the Rotary Club Young Person’s Awards for Innovation. The department has also featured in the Good Schools' Guide for the best GCSE Resistant Materials performance for girls.

Younger students are taught through project work, gaining skills in design of the three main resistant materials: wood, plastic and metals, as well as graphics work, product analysis and computer aided design (CAD). There are three GCSE sets, all following the AQA Design and Technology course.

At A-Level, the students follow the AQA Design and Technology Product Design course. D&T students often progress into careers in architecture, product and industrial design, engineering, and materials science.


Further subject information can be found in the relevant school curriculum document on the Curriculum page.