Denstone College Hockey

Preseason and the up-and-coming season


Boy’s hockey at Denstone College began the term with a great pre-season. The 1st team squad went to Cardiff Met University for an invitational tournament which turned out to be well worth the trip. A range of years were represented, from 6th form to 3rd form students, all of whom came together to form a really close group, even after only 3 days away. Performances improved game by game, we are all excited and looking forward to getting the season underway.

The College also held a preseason day here, which was open to all; from beginners to established 1st team player. The day went really well, with lots of learning and enjoyment with gameplay being the focus of the coaches. This, like the Cardiff visit, has led to excitement throughout the College for the season. I for one am certainly looking forward to my first involvement with the boy’s hockey at Denstone College.

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