Computing Skills are essential life skills and we encourage all pupils to develop their knowledge and expertise in using the latest tools and software.  Given the changing nature of this area, the department frequently looks for opportunities to embrace new technologies and incorporate them into the curriculum.

The Junior School Computing and ICT curriculum is based upon four key themes which are repeated as a pupil progresses from year to year.  These themes are Digital Safety, Functional Skills, Computer Science Skills and a Creative Computing and ICT Project.  Digital Safety covers the need to be vigilant when using any form of IT from social media, to gaming and the important use of passwords.  Functional Skills involves working with key Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Computer Science Skills looks at computer programming and a range of languages are used including Scratch and Python.  The Creative Project theme allows pupils to build IT solutions such as mobile apps and computer games. The Junior School Computing and ICT curriculum will be updated regularly to reflect current computing trends. In addition, pupils use Adobe products throughout their programme which includes Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Muse and Photoshop. For those pupils passionate about computing, a computer club is also available and in activities Robotics and Electronics is also offered. 

For Middle School pupils, Computer Science is offered at GCSE and for Senior School pupils, OCR Cambridge Technicals is offered as a vocational course work based programme. 

The Computing and ICT department has excellent facilities. There are five well equipped ICT rooms and access to the latest software.  This is supported by a team of onsite technicians. 

Further subject information can be found in the relevant school curriculum document on the Curriculum page.