Independent Boarding School

Boarding at Denstone is particularly successful because of the three school structure which enables our boarders to enjoy an atmosphere appropriate to their needs.

Life in the Junior School is characterised by close support, understanding and the freedom to have fun. The Middle School offers a more mature environment where enjoyment is still a key factor but there is a strong focus on GCSE preparation. The Senior School continues this natural progression of social life and study and is an excellent bridge between school and university. We also have a sixth form girls' boarding wing which offers a real taste of independent living, prior to university life.

Boarding is central to life at Denstone and the boarders are at the heart of the College, their presence anchoring the social and cultural fabric of the school. The hallmark of boarding is the provision of a safe, caring and friendly environment offering a wealth of opportunity for personal development. We aim to provide a home from home. The College operates as a small community with all residential staff helping to provide a positive environment for the nurture of individual students. Boarders at Denstone are happy, healthy and trusting of each other and the staff. Relationships are based on openness, trust and respect. Parents are also an integral part of our community and are always welcome to visit and attend the many college functions and fixtures.

Boarding at Denstone offers great flexibility, tailored to the needs of modern family life, ensuring that school and home work together. Pupils can board on a full, weekly and occasional basis, with Termly Boarding offering day pupils a chance to try boarding for a term. The key is in taking the best aspects of this system and fitting them to the individual needs of your child and your family. The aim is to build a strong partnership between school and home.

We provide comfortable accommodation within a family community, with round the clock supervision and support by friendly, professional staff and 24 hour medical care. There is structured evening study to establish good work habits in preparation for the autonomy required at university. Boarders develop a greater degree of self-reliance and enjoy the benefit of having staff and classmates on hand to help with homework. Additionally, boarders have extended use of the superb facilities including the library; computer rooms; art block; music school and sports facilities, and over 100 acres of grounds, thus ensuring that our boarders have the best environment in Staffordshire in which to expend their energy. There are also scheduled weekend trips to a wide range of places including ice hockey games, Alton Towers and activities such as 'Ready Steady Cook' competitions and meals at restaurants.

The welfare of our boarders is of paramount importance and our boarding staff are committed to the needs of individuals to nurture the development of a caring, friendly, vibrant and sensibly structured family environment in which our boarders can thrive. Boarding allows pupils to get even more out of life and helps to develop essential life skills: independence, self-reliance and the ability to live in a community, all of which prepares them for life at university.

Boarding life is characterised by the formation of enduring friendships. Our pupils share their joys, successes and disappointments and are challenged to appreciate the strengths and individuality of others as they establish their own personal goals and visions for the future. The boarding lifestyle represents an integrated and comprehensive package of high quality education together with excellent pastoral care. Whatever their background (overseas or across the UK), boarders encapsulate the Denstone spirit of friendship, commitment and success.