The challenging nature of biology helps develop enquiring minds and critical thinkers, highly valued by universities and employers in all fields.

At Denstone, the biology department shares a charming traditional building with chemistry and physics, and benefits from generous sized modern teaching laboratories with interactive whiteboards, video microscope, and a prep room with full time technician support. Teaching is dynamic and challenging and utilises modern techniques. The department is large and thriving, with 6 full time staff, and is a popular choice for A level. A large proportion of pupils go on to study biology or a related subject at university.

Science is changing our lives in society, and the department has chosen a GCSE curriculum which looks closely at the biology that influences our everyday lives and teaches students how it can be applied to real-life situations. The course is designed to be tailored to a student’s individual abilities, which allows for greater differentiation. Currently, our top sets take the full biology GCSE, involving the study of six modules. All other sets study for the core science and additional science GCSE examinations involving four modules, as well as a practical-based coursework component.

In the Sixth Form, students explore the key features of a biological topic and then consider its applications, following the AS and A2 courses offered by OCR. Both the AS and A2 consist of three modules, two written and one practical. The AS consists off modules including: Cells, Exchange and Transport, Molecules, Biodiversity and Food and Health, and Practical Skills in Biology 1.

The A2 course covers Communication, Homeostasis and Energy, Control, Genomes and Environment; and Practical Skills in Biology 2.

Further subject information can be found in the relevant school curriculum document on the Curriculum page.