The primary purpose of Athletic Development at Denstone is to improve health, wellbeing and reduce the risk of injury in order to optimise lifestyle and performance. The department implements a holistic approach which encompasses appropriate aspects of youth physical development in order to enhance lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

The College’s Athletic Development Department aims to support the long term development of athletes through education, equipping each individual with the tools to make good decisions moving forward via the Dedicated Athlete Scheme and ultimately, excel in their performance. The programme is individualistic in nature and seeks to support the psychological well-being of pupils whilst taking into account all the necessary aspects of physical development such as gender, maturation and training age. 

Dedicated Athlete Scheme resources

As a participant in the Dedicated Athlete Scheme you will have been issued a password which enables you to access the following resource areas.  The boxes below are links to advice and guidance on nutritiontraining and psychology for well-being and performance, in addition to information on injury management and recovery. The Athletic Development Department is always available to answer any questions parents and pupils may have.




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