All Round Scholarships

An All Round Scholarship or Exhibition is intended to recognise those who are talented academics who also excel in other areas such as sport, music, drama, art or design and technology. Such pupils are usually recommended by their Headmaster or Headmistress. 

While an all-rounder may not have the academic profile of an academic scholar, the candidate should, nonetheless, have a good academic record with ability in the core subjects: maths, English, science, and possibly a language. As a sports player, the candidate should play in at least two school first teams in the main sports. If offering music, the candidate should be playing at least one instrument, and as a rough guide, the 11+ candidate should have reached at least grade 2, preferably grade 3, the 13+ candidate should have reached grade 4, and the 16+ candidate should have reached grade 6 on their first choice instrument. As an actor, the candidate should have had a main role in a recent drama production, and be able to demonstrate skills and interest in drama as a subject. If art or design and technology are to be considered, there will need to be evidence of those skills through the portfolio or piece of work, which will be discussed with the relevant Head of Department.